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Mission Statement

Proactively empowering the decendants of Africans psychologically, culturally, socially, economically, politically, and spiritually with the use of imagery, symbolism, and information. Changing the world by changing minds.

About Afrakans In Exile LLC

Afrakans In Exile LLC (AIE) is a Pan-African interactive conscious clothing and accessory line that was created by CEO Justin Edwards in 2015, with the goal to not only unite people of African descent (Blacks) living within the United States, but to also orchestrate a means for these descendants to embrace one another and work together internationally. Overstanding the extremely harsh circumstances and conditions of his fellow brothers and sisters he wanted to do something to combat the systematic negative racial propaganda directed towards and about people of African descent (Blacks). The solution that was finally selected was to create a business that would counter the negative imagery and symbolism portrayed via the media and other outlets by reinforcing positive pro black imagery, shedding light on hidden truths involving and resulting from the African Holocaust (Chattel Slavery), and promoting/practicing group economics. AIE uses clothing as a billboard to reveal certain messages to assist in the awakening of the minds of Afrakans in exile throughout the world by connecting each design with additional information further explaining the concept in which it was chose to represent. The interactive conscious clothing experience is done with the use of QR codes and/or website information providing its purchaser an opportunity to learn from their clothing using technology while simultaneously promoting conscious concepts and supporting black business.

Why should I support AIE?

A person should support AIE because AIE and its followers overstand that the world is under economic oppression due to the confines of Capitalism and that one of the most direct forms of power each of us possess is our spending power. Recognizing money and wealth as vital assets to maintain in order to sustain a valuable position in such a cash driven society is essential to the economic liberation of a financially exploited people. Everything from the lack of conservation of the earth, to the forced childhood vaccinations with unknown chemical cocktails, to the corrupt corporate bought off politics is affected by the control of money. By investing in those who genuinely care for us we can at least attempt to sponsor movements worthy of our support. AIE advocates group economics which keeps money recirculating multiple times within the community in which its spender is from before it ever leaves that community, providing assistance with economic hardships faced by the community at the time. One does not have to be from the Black/African community in order to provide some financial support, by spending money with AIE you are displaying your agreement with the movement and that you would also like to see a progressive change for the Black/African community.


phone: (916)710-3135

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