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$50 nonrefundable donation to being the approval process businesses. AFROMATIONS button is to be used upon physical products, store, business, business cards, etc. to indicate the business is owned by one of our community members. The button upon these items shows that the business is consciously practicing group economics. This can be considered as "Black Wall Street" participants.


Businesses selling products may need to submit samples to ensure quality and that the item(s) positively supports AFROMATIONS identity and branding. We reserve the right at anytime to stop the use of this label by the person, business, etc. because this is a Trade Marked and copyrighted item being extended for those that are like minded. Our logo may not be the main feature upon any product or service and must be at least 10% in size of the item it's displayed upon. Please make sure that the AFROMATIONS log button process is completed before applying to any physical or electronic medium. We will send you a letter for the yearly subscription and a digital file of the logo upon approval. Those that do not meet this requirement will receive an AFROMATIONS T-SHIRT FOR THEIR DONATION.