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Children Over-Coming Sickle-cell
The Purpose of this message is to inform children and their families on the healing properties available in Moringa, a tree that finds its origin in west and east Africa. The healing potential in the leaves of this tree will have an positive effect on Children Overcoming Sickle Cell because of the iron rich value that is within its molecular structure. Children Overcoming Sickle Cell is a public health campaign that finds its roots in agriculture, utilizing food education to medicate as a product of botany.

Our contemporary medical system does not, at this current point, offer a considerable portion of time to study methods of holistic treatments for Children Overcoming Sickle Cell. As of 2017 medical students spend one month out of their four year schooling process reviewing literature on sickle cell. Lets imagine for a second that students of African descent entering into the ninth grade, graduated from the twelfth grade while only partaking in one month of studies that took into consideration their origin and self concept as a curriculum. Most scholars would consider this to be a form of intellectual decapitation or better yet, cultural genocide on behalf of the institutional design that organized this process. This feeling is reciprocated in Children and their families who are faced with the nutritional deficiencies that accompany Sickle cell anemia. Children and their families, as it pertains to sickle cell anemia, are being treated in a medical institution that has participated in minimal research and innovation and the effects of this process has become very obvious.

Outside of hematology their is no way or processes to perceive the consequences of colonialism on the blood. Sickle cell anemia being a by product of this great disaster which, has coined the phrase "trans Atlantic slave trade or African Holocaust" any person with any amount of knowledge of the African Diaspora and the origin of Sickle Cell will present a conclusion congruent to the one I am positioning now.

Having a four year old son who was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at birth I have witnessed first hand how dual the medical care for Children Over Coming Sickle Cell is. While hospitals have created pathways that have Children Over Coming Sickle Cell rushed through emergency intakes into hospital rooms. The care when children arrive has not changed when pertaining to the patience, gentleness and well rounded that a parent would consider to be the status quo when treating their child. Based on the limited amounts of funding for research and education available for Sickle Cell Anemia, parents often find their medical freedoms undermined for a lack of techniques, transparency and trust.

In order to broaden the scope of how Sickle cell anemia effects children and their families we must consider the language within the narrative that depicts the origin, journey and destination of the trait and how did it evolve into the nutritional deficiency we call Sickle cell anemia today. The origin of Sickle Cell finds it genetic make up in Africa as a immune system upgrade to defend the body against Malaria, an air born disease that will come through a infected mosquito. The journey of sickle cell finds itself in west Africa during the time of a very materially profitable but spiritually impoverished slave trade which, brought human beings from the west coast of Africa to the east coast of the United States Of America. Our destination places us here and now, after four hundred years of brutal and inhumane conditioning our blood cells are sickeling in a way that would destroy the person when at one point it was a process that saved the person's life.

Sickle Cell is a genetic survival trait and the lifespan of this trait has experienced a disastrous disruption by many factors, considering environment and industry and its effect on foods for instance. The father of western medicine once coined the phrase "let the food be the medicine and the medicine be the food" contemporary western civilization has veered far from this focus, with genetically modified and over processed foods which all have degrading effects on the body and are inherited through the umbilical cord prior to birth.

Assembly Bill 1488 could potentially bring a Sickle Cell research foundation to northern California this would serve as a benefit to families who do not have the funds to travel to southern California to receive assistance. This development of infrastructure would show as a baby step in a direction that could show signs of progress if managed properly. The overall awareness that eighty million dollars worth of funding can generate would have a ripple effect that has the potential to benefit generations to come depending who is managing the project. Will it be the people who represent the sickle cell gene who have endured so much, or will it be the coming together of governments and corporations who have deemed themselves the authority of sickle cell anemia as well as the people who inherit the gene. There is still a window of opportunity for both sides to develop in harmony and reciprocity as future generations depend on our love for truth, justice and life.

In Truth,

Christen Brown
Children Over-Coming Sickle-cell

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