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Palestine Conflict by Omar Z.
“Curse Israel, the cowards”. The history of Palestine, for the most part, is forgotten. Nobody knows what or where it is. I was born in Palestine and I even forget where I came from too sometimes . Palestinians are people who live in the land that is occupied Israel. They killed many Palestinians. Palestinians today are still getting killed and until this day their homes are still taken away. I will explain why this happened, who did this, when this happened, where it happened, and what happened.

Firstly, why this happened is because Jewish people were trying to find land and they used an excuse of the saying that it’s their promised land. The reason they didn’t go for it the first time, 1000 years ago, when they were supposed is because they were scared of fighting us and losing. They were later named Israel. Ever since 1948 they take more and more land and kill more people. There are only 5 million people in Palestine which is nothing compared to California. Palestine today is filled more with Jewish people than Muslims, this explains the smallness of Palestine and it’s Muslims. The economy is low, small, and slow, which is due to small land and population. This is why Palestine has no government which explains the bad economy. Jerusalem, for instance, is very big and is the capital of Palestine, it’s like the capital of Israel too. It grew majorly from 84 to 680 thousand from 1948 to 2002 and this is all because the Jews came from different countries, grouped up and chose this piece of land. The only reason they stopped taking our land is because Yasser Arafat on May 4 1994, to sign basically a treaty. It’s actually called Application of Palestinian Autonomy. It said that they can have most of our land if they give us peace.

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Lastly, life in Palestine/ Israel since the occupation started is only better for the Jewish. It made our lives terrible for us, people like me would have to go to America because they want to go make money since our economy is so low. Life in Palestine is very cultural and fun in, if you grew up there. And people would be squished in cities and you’d live around your family. People in Palestine, most of them want to go to America To make more money and get married. Palestine today is under the rule of Israel and that means they can control everything that we do, but we are still a country. Life in Palestine is very different from when it was in 1948, it’s not only because of the technology, it’s because Israel took away what is ours and what we were going to do with it. The land is very valuable you can start a business, create a farm of trees and other food, build a house/mansion, and etc. My grandfather had a lot of lands that they took away, it was 75% of land that he doesn’t have because Israel wanted it. The house that my passed away grandfather had is a mansion and he had left over land with olive oil trees and some extra space. All this equals 10 acres and that’s only what he has now if he had the other 75% he probably would have been rich. This is why Israel took Palestine's valued property, thank you.
Written by an 8th grade student.

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