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Africans in Exile Practicing Group Economics
Africans in Exile! How do we redeem ourselves today? What do we need to do for our independence and children's future?

Justin (Justo) explains the key to our success. The question is why haven't we done this on a consistent basis? Are we programed to think like our capture by practicing cut throat tactics? Is there a level of integrity missing in our business practices? Do we look out for ourselves on a day to day and forget about our others?

It is evident that our people thrived when we looked out for others best interest and well being. Cut throat strategies is only going agains religious/spiritual systems, but also our community's togetherness. We all are trying to make a buck in this rat race; however, we are not seeing the bigger picture.
The way business is these days does not support ones integrity. Ironically, we pray and meditate for higher consciousness or to connect with the creator to turn around and find away to scheme another. How are we going to correct corruption with corruption? We have to employ tactics that sustained us naturally. Economics is the transfer of energy called currency based on trust. Trusts were created before corporations, which are soulless entities for profit with no moral basis. Trusts build communities as everyone all had a stake in "game" or interest. We are so worried about health care plans and insurance, etcetera. This is focusing on ourselves and is not community based. If we looked out for the others wellbeing and welfare, we would have more time in life to do the things we want to do. Our community is our safety net: retirement plan, health care, good source, clothing essentials, jewelry, house repair, etc. Do you get it? Our issue is the lack of currency circulation within our community and that currency is trust and compassion with one another and doing business with integrity. This is how you build community. Nehesu Nag-Negus El

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