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2nd Annual Manhood Mentoring Conference 2017
There is nothing like giving back to the youth to help break that broken cycle of perpetual disfunction. This wonderful event by Berry Accus of Voice of the Youth mentoring program. This year we had a wonderful event where children looked face to face with peers and men to encourage and empower one another through the struggle of life.

The 2017 "Manhood Mentoring Conference: Healing, Respect & Resolution" held in Sacramento, CA. This year's focus was on self awareness, self respect, positive words of affirmation and healing. With power guest speakers, exercises and activities it was a great event. Bridging the gap between young and old and having real conversations is how we heal as a community.
These days children are faced with large surmountable obstacles with less help from their parents. Guardians are working hard these days just to put food on the table for their children to eat. This is the time that is taken from their family and mentoring opportunities. The first education system was when children learned from their parents a trade or skill that would allow them to sustain themselves, These days educating children is left to strangers in closed confinements. Please tune into the YouTube Channel "Searching for Moor" to see the discussion of these program leaders discuss the state of our youth. peakers: Jermaine Morris, Berry Accius, Jamar Turner "Love.I.Am", Nehesu Nag-Negus El, Dr. Tchaka Muhammed & Pastor Les Simmons Special thanks: DJ Rip 1, Cameron Eugene & King Miller For future events: Twitter: @JMorrisCEO @BerryAccius

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