What is Afromations?

The Mission of AFROMATIONS is to streamline and centralize an online market place for our people to collaboratively engage in commerce by supporting, promoting, listing, and branding OUR products/services on/through this website, which will increase the circulation of currency within our community. 

Our Story

CREATIVELY: It is the understating that the word AFROMATIONS positively represents the totality of all indigenous peoples of this earth that are from the same tree branching around the world on every continent.

The shortened word “Afro” has been recently defined as “natural” and also used as “‘fro”. Interestingly, in ancient Egyptian, Canaanite & Hebrew texts, the word “afar” is associated to mean"-- which links to the ancient and popular concept of the creation/construction of man. ♠ “Ma” in Afromations is short for: mam, mum, mom; we see the understanding of the natural tendency of nurturing life within this root.  ♠ “-Tion” transacts an action into noun: The very act of physically manifesting the process of exchange transaction.  ♠ So for kicks, to translate the abstract, philosophical and contextual understanding all together of AFROMATIONS® is as follows: Afr + ma + tions = Is the personal affirmation of accepting responsibility and application of this effort: For here on earth from the star dust, we rose; infused with the essence of the galactic, creative spirit that naturally nurtures one-another through transacting invested currency by continually building with each other, our community and our “heavenly and earthly kingdom” together, collectively.    We are all too familiar with the statistic that a dollar does not circulate frequently within the “OUR” communities, which inspired the development of this site. Now we can identify our businesses on a committed multi-vendor network-marketplace for e-commerce!    We are a few new staff during our launching phase. We are excited about the functionality that afromations.com provides and the features designed for you. It is our goal and on going effort to improve our services to all of our customers and community members. We ask for your patience as we work out customer response times in our initial launch. We assure you that many of the questions asked to AFROMATIONS® can be answered on our ABOUT page. Now that we are live! We want to mention that we purposefully put creative and meaningful thought into this service and product that we provide to you and our people. The in depth description of the symbolism of AFROMATIONS® is intended to provoke thought, to provide a positive, meaningful symbolic affirmation of who we are, and to inspire confidence in who we are. We loof forward to the opportunity to support, promote, feature you and your business. Our exchange promotes the improvement of our community (-ies). So, ADD TO AFROMATIONS KNOWLEDGEBASE or donate to our SCHOLARSHIP AND GRANT program. We will continue to keep you informed with the inner workings of our business Respectfully, Nehesu Nag-Negus El CEO { links}

The Spade

Symbolically: There are many stories depicting this image; however, it is our understanding that the spade represents a leaf of the ancient "cosmic" tree—the tree of life. It has been noted as the most ancient symbols for death and transformation through deep spiritual truth. This process brings growth and rebirth of self. Truth exists behind the veiled illusion of our earthly experience and our perception as the Spade provides energy of discernment to its initiates. This ancient cosmic symbol represents the force and power of the ether—the internal and eternal fire — such as the sun and stars.

These secrets were held by the ancient Kemetic (Egypt) and Annunaki priests that maintained these spiritual sciences and were last held by the Moors (G. M. James “Stolen Legacy”). These sciences were of the laws cosmos and nature in connection to our human experience; hence, time is based on the position of the sun. Aren’t we Spiritual beings having a human experience? The Spade is the currency of energy from the universe to the individual to the collective.
The Fist
The use of the Fist within the spade is a lower and physical representation of transacting energy. The Fist represents the positive interaction with one another. The fist is the exchange of the currency of energy manifested on this plain of existence.
About the Owner
Nehesu Nag-Negus El

AFROMATIONS just went live; however, this idea by the Grantor, Nehesu Nag-Negus El, started a year ago when he was writing various reviews and participating on discussion panels within the community. He then continued these discussions with other people about our economic situation. It became painstakingly obvious that the my community had no system to identify their businesses or an exclusive marketplace for commerce. “Where are we supposed to go and find our products and our businesses centrally located?” This question stemmed from the all too familiar statistic, “A dollar does not circulate more than once within the “Black” community.” This was supported by his observance of other ethnic communities’ ability to network and circulate currency more efficiently and effectively. So, he decided to invest in his people by creating this platform. “This marketplace is suppose to change how we do business,” he enthusiastically stated.  Now it is easier for us to invest in one another and within our communities. Through the spirit of servitude, we will build our communities and our businesses. 

Nehesu has been in education for the past 16 years. His passion for his people is clearly stated within the following interview:

“Prior to teaching, I was a level 12 facility Residential Counselor at a group home in Sacramento for three years. In the education sector, I have taught 2nd-12th grades, and today teaching English for grades seven and eight. This experience keeps me on my toes. Two of my years I was an Assistant Principal that ran a high school after school program. I was fiscally responsible for over one million dollars to run the program and for staffing. I successfully addressed the needs of the students while maintaining a balanced budget. I am very aware of the importance of hiring staff and team building in order to accomplish meeting goals. I quickly responded to the demands of the community and improved the program through feedback by using a “Decision Making Framework” model that allowed me to measure time base goals and reflect upon areas of improvement. My ability to be highly successful at running the school like a business stems from training received in completing a master’s degree in education administration, which emphasized on Urban Education. Additionally, I have numerous years at sells and retail while supporting myself through college: Do you remember the Good Guys and Circuit City?

He has been active within various African-American interest groups. My favorite was my 15-year participation with the California University of Sacramento African-American History Studies Department. “We initiated Juneteenth in Sacramento through a project called “Reclaiming the Past,” which was at Negro Bar, Folsom. Yes, this too is true... Gold was discovered on a "brothas" land, William Alexander Leidesdorff.”  He also helped organize, participate, and run “African-American” public school events, was involved with the Sacramento Urban League (Young Professionals), Sankofa African Market, NAACP, Black Chamber of Commerce, 100 Black Men of Sacramento, Alpha Academy (tutoring program), St. Paul’s Baptist Church programs (philanthropic trip to Africa), currently the president of Black Wall Street of Sacramento, and other numerous groups and actives.”

In closing, Nehesu’s strong ties with the community will be displayed on the website in the “Community Resources” that will support better living for our people. He hopes this platform will scaffold our people partnering up with each other to continually to build and strengthen our economic network platform through this e-commerce online marketplace. We now have a centralized located marketplace for our goods and services. With his pleasant and patient demeanor, he looks forward in seeing the positive results of this website aide in the improvement of our people. AFROMATIONS is at its grassroots resource that meets the needs of our people is the platform for economic strength.

“Empower our community by supporting our businesses build their brands.” 

The Mission of AFROMATIONS® is to streamline and centralize an online marketplace for our people to collaboratively engage in commerce by supporting, promoting, listing, and branding OUR products/services on/through this website, which will increase the circulation of currency within our community.

Dear Reader;

I hope this letter finds you well in health and spirit. The purpose of this letter is to share my heart and show my transparency in good faith. Far too many times have I seen our people marginalize in the business sector. Statistics shows that education increases the quality of life of individuals; however, the financial gap amongst African-Americans does not narrow through the education system. The only way African-Americans are going to be able to sustain a healthy livelihood and community is through commerce and business – entrepreneurship.  I have taught second through twelfth grades and a Vice Principal. As an educator for the last 20 years, I see many families who struggle to get employed to support their families. During many home visits, I had the opportunity to discuss with many parents about their living conditions and situations. The common denominator is that they cannot get hired in the workforce. This is also true when they have bachelor degrees, master degrees, and even doctorates.  That is why I have taken money out of my own retirement account to pursue this endeavor to level the playing field by supporting small home businesses with a marketplace platform. This should decrease their website costs and provide them a home for their products and services. I am a father of three children that desperately looks into the future to see what opportunities might show the workforce for my children. I see a decrease in Mexican, Native American, and African-Americans being employed. It is common that many people look for employment from others; however, these positions or non-inheritable. This is why I want to support small businesses transfer their wealth and businesses to their grandchildren. My heart continues to go out for the little man who is trying to feed the children and afford diapers, baby formula, and other essentials just to survive.  Many people overlook those that are suffering. The question I always ponder is, 'what level of social responsibility do we have towards others versus our own homestead?' Do I just focus on my family and act as if this problem doesn't exist and affect me? Am I obligated to improve the quality of humanity for those who are systematically targeted? Is it my concern? Should I only worry about my family? The answer to the aforementioned questions leaves me perplexed. I would say that we all have a responsibility for fellow man and to our families. This is why my family has taken a personal sacrifice and effort in these matters. My children's future depends upon creating a job market that is sensitive to minorities – especially employment practices. I truly believe the solution is entrepreneurship and Afromations.com provides tools for them to be successful. How many individuals are creative but do not express it because they are working so hard to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck? These numbers are staggering and continue to reflect that African-Americans are in a worse condition than slavery. For, there are more black males in prison today then there were slaves.  I do not know how to convey my sincerity, genuine nature of my heart, and effort's but by being transparent in all that I do. I am seeking your support in these endeavors. 


Nehesu Nag-Negus El

1 (800) 9-AFRO-47

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